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Why you can’t lose weight & keep it off:

6 ways to end yo-yo dieting for good!

What you will learn on this webinar...
Bonnie Kelly: distinguished speaker, author & emotional intelligence coach has partnered with Jami DeBernard: IFBB Pro Figure Competitor, 2 time Olympia athlete, and a renowned competition and transformation coach to bring you this exclusive webinar. Prior to knowing one another both women suffered from years of yo-yo dieting, ‪metabolic adaptation‬ & ‪binging eating disorders‬‬. After years of failed diets and extreme eating habits, their bodies became run down from over training and both women were left feeling destroyed. Today, both women are successful, self-loving, body balanced entrepreneurs! With Jami's expertise of endocrinology and advanced nutrition with the purpose of maximizing metabolism and, Bonnie's dynamic ability to help people get out of their own mental way; together they bring decades of powerful insight that is sure to get you heading in the right direction.

  • 6 top tools to lose the weight & keep it off
  • The truth about the diet industry and how you can break free with a lifestyle approach
  • Why “DIETS” don’t work
  • The danger of the weight loss/gain yo-yo cycle
  • How to overcome your body image issues
  • The keys to developing your new life strategy

Is this webinar right for you? Well...

Are you struggling to reach your body goals? Has this struggle plagued you for months, years, or even decades? Have you tried to diet & exercise just to find you fall back into old habits?

We totally get it, and the truth is you're not alone. In-fact, the way fitness is traditionally taught, it's no wonder so many of us get stuck in the cycle of weight loss/gain.

With so many expectations, rules, and judgements on how we should eat and what we should look like, it's easy to become trapped with what feels like no hope. In this webinar we will cover the 6 top tools to lose the weight & keep it off and offer practical advice that is sure to get you moving in the right direction.


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Wed the 27th
at 9am PST, 12pm EST

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